Wednesday, April 6, 2011

La cucaracha!

Winter (meaning the rainy season) is upon us and with it the arrival of more bugs.
This morning I stepped out of bed and did not put my flip-flops on before getting up to turn on the light. Now I know why the children here are always being reminded to put theirs on (ponga tus chanclettas!) I felt a crunchy sensation under my foot and realized too late that I had stepped on a visiting cockroach! Yuck! And then 5 minutes later his cousin greeted me as I reentered my room. The Panamanian variety are huge, measuring easily about 2 inches long. I usually see them scurrying out of sight when the light is switched on in the bathrrom at night. But this seems to be a new invasion into my territory.
I count myself  as unusually fortunate, having stepped on a dead frog, squished a cucaracha and accidently slipped into the pig trough (plein de purin). If this continues I might actually have nine lives.
As the old song goes:

La cucaracha, la cucaracha!
Tu no puedes caminar.
Por qu´il te falta, por qu´il te falta,
Una pattita por volar.

Hasta luega.


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