Saturday, November 19, 2011

Incredible India

This is indeed a country of contrasts.

Only in India can you see:

  • whole families on motorcycles with the youngest member (a child) in the front
  • elephants walking down main street in the traffic
  • a motorcycle driving on the road with a monkey as  the passenger
  • your driver pull over in front of a bus on the interstate highway and stop to give the bus driver a piece of his mind
  • shrines to an orange Monkey God called Hanuman who was the great ally of Lord Rama, one of the incarnations of Vishnu
  • a seven year old boy come up to you and invite you to come into HIS shop
  • no one ever has change for your 100 rupee bill
  • a clerk running after you when you have not bought something from his shop..or refusing to give you your change when you have bought something
  • hotels who do not provide toilet are expected to provide your own
  • an autorickshaw (tuk-tuk) made for 4 passengers with more than 12 people inside and two on top, one holding about 10 cartons of eggs
  • a jeep made for 6 people with at least 16 piled in, hanging out the window and the back door
The list goes on, but what a ride it has been. This is what makes this country so wonderful. It is full of surprises and one can never know what the next one will be.

Only in India can you see:
  • beautiful mustard fields , their yellow flowers blowing in the wind
  • women dressed in colorful saris, working in the fields in the distance and dotting the scene with their bright colours
  • temples, castles and forts that take your breath away at every turn
  • history that fascinates and makes you want to know more
  • the Taj Mahal, a thing of such beauty that despite the number of people( and the story of the Shah who built it and eventually was thrown in jail by his own son after living a life of debauchery once he recovered from his grief at the loss of his second wife), you cannot but help be mesmerized by it
  • amazingly different and spicy cuisine
  • friendly and curious people who want you to love their country
This is what we are experiencing and wish to share with you all.

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