Sunday, February 13, 2011

Be my Valentine

Another Sunday dinner to celebrate Valentines Day...too much food and chocolate, plus never ending dishes. But how I will miss those Sunday family gatherings. Hopefully I will get a taste of something similar in Panama. And I am sure Pierre will carry on the tradition while I am gone, with a little help from his kids.
This is my last week at work, officially retiring on Fiday after working since 1972, with a few years off for children and travel. I am really winding down, emptying my desk and gym locker, and saying goodbye to colleagues I have worked with for 9 years. I really feel it is time to move on to new adventures. So far no regrets, and I really do look forward to a slower pace in the more 6:30 dog walks and rushing to get over th bridge on time. Not for a while anyway.
L'avenir m'attend. Et j'ai le gout de faire autre chose.

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  1. Wonderful to be able to change directions while you're still young and healthy. Enjoy! I'll be keeping up with your adventures in your blog.