Monday, February 21, 2011

llegando en Panama


Soy en la ciudad de Panama en el hotel Agua y Miel. Muy bonita casa con habitiationes muy confortables.
I arrived at 14:30 after a very comfortable flight non-stop to Panama City. They actually provide a full meal on Canjet which is certainly a luxury these days. They even give a glass of bubbly wine before arrival which I passed on after my bad experience of fainting when en route to Barcelona last year. So it was an uneventful flight, although we were packed in like sardines. The airport in Panama is surprisingly small. I guess much of the international business is by land or sea. WE are in the same time zone as Montreal so it is now 20:10.
We have met our guide who works with the Fundacion Nicole Lepage here in Panama. Everyone is very friendly and anxious to make us feel at home. The foundation works with the the Native community north of DAvid (La Comarca) and much of the money from our group goes to that community. I will know more about the community and the projects there such as setting up schools and work projects, later in the month.
Tomorrow we visit the canal and museum attached. The history of the area is very interesting. We may have to travel by night to David, to avoid the planned demonstrations on route, the population demonstrating against the development on a huge copper mine that will be devastating to the native populations living in the area. More and more the population is becoming more environmentally conscious and trying to protect their resource. We will be here until Wednesday ant then decide.
So lots to discover. It is about 30 degrees here now but there is a nice breeze. Apparently in David, the town where I will be staying, it gets to about 35 degrees.
Take care !



  1. sounds like fun mom! keep us posted ! xxx

  2. Great to hear you arrived safely, look forward to reading about your adventure.