Friday, February 18, 2011

retirement day

February 18, 2011. The day I chose to officially retire from Batshaw. Although I remain en employee until April 1, 2011, I have taken advantage of vacations, retention days, etc etc to leave early and head for Panama. And anyway, I can always go back on the recall list if I want.
Emptying my little corner of the office was not easy. In fact I think my colleagues thought I would never leave, it took so long. But I have let go, leaving little bits of my 9 years there, hoping that others will benefit from books, articles, pens, etc. I even left an old doll that I had used with the kids.
Last work out a the gym was a killer in my honour. That is the thing I will miss the most, easy acess to a gym with a great trainer and lots of laughs. The transition to a community gym will take a while.
Y ahora, vamos a Panama. Hasta luego.


PS. These are my old (heavy ) binoculars. I used them in Costa Rica to look at quetzals when we were at Finca Eddy in the mountains (Cerra de la Muerte).  But in Panama I will appreciate the new light weight Pentax binoculars that my friends at Batshaw gave me. Muchas gracias. Merci beaucoup tout le monde qui a contribué à ce cadeau si généreux. Je vous aime tous.


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