Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baile Typica and El Dia internacional de la poesia

These pictures are from the Feria de David where this group of children performed last night as part of a cultural celebration. And we too, las damas Canadienses, were surprisingly part of the entertainmnet!
Last week one of our group accidently met a woman here who is very involved in the local arts scene. She  speaks fluent French and Spanish, so when she heard what we were doing in David she invited us to read some poetry and perhaps sing a tune in French, as part of the international day for poetry. Did you know such a thing existed?
Anyway ,we agreed and several read some poems, mine in English, and then we sang two songs: Vive la Canadienne and Mon Pays (Gilles Vigneault). I have no idea if anyone had any idea what we were doing, as we were in the middle of the Feria (a big La Ronde) with music blasting nearby. But anything to promote culture, n´est-pas?
I have to say that the culture lady was a real caricature...she made me think of Mrs. Tiggywinkle the way she was built and the way she pattered around the room! That will give those of you who know Beatrice Potter a picture of what I mean.
Las Damas Canadienses, as we are now called here, will also be performing a Quebec square dance (danse carre) next week at the Feria, while some of my colleagues will also be dancing a Baile Typica with several of the residents at the Asilo (old folks residence, or CHSLD) where they have been volunteering. It should be quite a spectacel, flags and all!!
Today is a national day of mourning (dia de duelo) for the death of an ex vice-president who died on Saturday. He was well respected for his fight to promote democracy, and was apparently active at the time of Noriega´s reign here and the subsequent invasion at which time Noriega was ousted. It is a privilege to be here and to live alongside the people at times like this.
Hasta luego


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