Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Boca Brava (Chicas at Boca )

A brief correction..we were at isla Boca Brava on the weekend, which is about 500 meters by boat from the town of Boca Chica. I did not mention that two of my friends saw a coral snake, very venomous, cross their path on the way to the beach. Luce was able to get a picture, while Lyne ran screaming in the other direction! When she showed the picture to the locals they were very surprised that one was seen, because they are usually in the underbrush and not on the paths. Whatever, it was there and apparently a sign of good luck. So they bought lottery tickets yesterday!

Since Monday I have walked miles trying to find the only existing museum here....Museo de arte y de Cultura Jose Olbadia. Anyway after many hours and asking directions three times (my Spanish is getting better) I found it! It is an old abandoned building that was donated by this guy´s family in 1979 to the city of David. But it is comletely abandoned and apparently to be restored. I was able to enter, walk up the broken stairs and into the rooms, all the time wondering if I was going to fall through the floor. A beautiful garden was out the back and I could see men working to restore the park across the street. I will return to take a picture of this old building that was the home of Jose Olbadia, the founder of Chiriqui province. If any of you are reading Panama guide books, this is the museum mentioned in them as the only historical place of interest in David. They need to update their information.
Speaking of abandoned buildings, this is a phenomenon that I have oberved throughout Panama....people leave their little homes to be taken care of by the weather as they move out into other residences. So there is an abundance of empty derelect buildings that are gradually being eaten by the vegetation.

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