Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Children in the park

We have created a precedent with our daily outing to the little playground. Every morning when Luce and I arrive, there is a group of little ones all dressed with caps and shoes, ready to go outside. They follow us around as we do the chores of bathing the others, washing cots and anything else that needs doing. It is absolutely amazing to see them..they do not talk a lot, but they know exactly what they want to do. And other children are joining the club, wanting to be dressed with shoes and hats, even if they can only watch and cannot go out because they are too young. They just want to be like the big guys. I wonder what happens on the days we do not they wait around all day dressed for an outing?
Today, was the 4th day we went outside. I see that Henry and Martina can climb up the rope ladder with little help and slide down with more confidence. I hear more words and laughter when they are outside. Even Henry who is virtually mute is starting to make little sounds as he listens to the words and sees the birds and animals, buses and bikes pass by. being outdoors seems to free something inside these children.


  1. You must feel so rewarded to see how the children have blossomed with a little attention.

  2. amazing.. very touching story mom