Saturday, March 12, 2011

chicas en Boca Chica

Hola...hoy es sabado y somos en Boca Chica, une pequena isla en el Golfo de Chiriqui.
This is paradise compared to David. We are at the only hotel on the island, and had to get here but bus-taxi-boat, but the water is wonderful and the hotel comfortable and open to the air, the wind and of course the ocean. I just awoke from a siesta in a hamac overlooking the bay. Que bueno! The best is that the room I am sharing is only costing me 15$. And supper will be fresh fish and hopefully a glass of white wine. I have to say there has been no wine or coffee to speak of since I arrived in David. The family I live with drink a lot of special juices mixed with milk ( a liquid milk shake) as well as a lot of soft drinks. So It has been mainly water for me. I have got used to the water here and am pleased to report that so far it has agreed with me (you will know what I mean).
The tsunami has not affected this area, although the news was concerning. So here we are, enjoying a welcome break. As we walked through the forest to get to the beach today, we saw a family of about 20 Howler monkeys, sleeping above us. I think we will hear theirs calls tonight and early tomorrow morning.

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