Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Up to the elbows in ·········!

Today is the second time I have gone to Nutre Hogar where I am volunteering 4 hours a day. I am getting good with the bus route to get there and I love the ride,,lots of noise, school children getting on and off . There are 40 children at the centre, mostly native and showing grave signs of malnutrition and lack of stimulation. They are starving for lack of human contact, their families unable to care for them and them living in an institutional setting. But there are lots of good intentions and much work for us to do.
Who would have thought that I would be washing stool- filled diapers upon retirement! But that is what I did today, after feeding 3 children a mix of cream and cereal, then washing about a dozen alongside the employees. I then went into the LAVANDERIA and spent an hour emptying and washing dirty diapers before soaking them in javel. It is easy to compare this with what is done at home, but I am not sure that when you get down to basic needs there is not much difference.
David is a big city so I look forward to the times I can get out to the country to actually enjoy the beauty of this country. I am hoping that the family I am living with will be able to go to the ocean one day as we have discussed. They do not have a car so everything takes a lot of organizing. I realize that I am very fortunate to be with them where there is lots of family live and much communication. The other women I am with are in more quiet homes where there are mainly adults. There is no hot water in most homes here so I am getting used to a brisk shower.
In our back yard there are 2 horses and some chickens. Alanis, the 6 year old loves my binoculars so yesterday we went outside to use them to look at the horses and the huge avocadoes hanging high in the branches of tree in their yard.

 still cannot get pictures to work so willt ry another time.

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