Sunday, March 20, 2011

correo en David

I had to share this with you...if any of you are waiting for post cards coming by snail mail you might wait a long time! Last week I tried to buy stamps and was told I had to go to the bank to buy them which I did. People here do not have visible addresses and street have few names. So few people actually receive mail at home. At the bank I bought 10 stamps for 1 dollar (Balboa) each. I was surprised but figured it made sense given the poor mail system.  I was told that the mail box was around the corner. I finally found it the enxt day and happily slid 3 cards down the shute. I alos noticed that there was a post office on that street...go figure! The next day Luce went to mail her cards with the stamps I ahd bought. She was told they were useless and would not pass. They are apparently for bank documents. So I am back to sqaure one....I do not think any of the cards I mailed will end up at their destination, as they are most likely in the dead letter bin. I will send others that I hope will arrive before I do, especially for Noah and Evelyne.


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